Saturday, October 3, 2015

Final season break before the end of Season 4

We recently returned to the air from our third season break of this year with a post about the music that is playing for the SSPX.  Fr. Cekada joined Stephen Heiner for a discussion about the new era that is dawning for them.

Separately we took a survey among those who have purchased our episodes but have not yet become members and had some Platinum Annual memberships as prizes.  Here were some of the quotes we got:

I love it. Started listening while in Novus Ordo seminary. Helped realize I had to get out. 

I feel my soul is not in danger listening to your productions. I can't really say that about anything else. 

I left the Novus Ordo May and joined a Traditional Catholic Church in large part because of what I had learned at TR. 

I am not a sedevacantist but I am not opposed to its possibility either. Thank you for presenting your evidence. We all are in this together. 

RR helped to solidify my decision to leave the Novus Ordo completely for the true Roman Catholic faith, and still nourishes my faith through shows about doctrine, spirituality, the Catholic Home, and post V2 shows.

I've found your programs very informative and I've heard a lot of quotations from books that I don't have access to. 

Sermons given by sedevacantist clergy gave me priceless advice regarding my spiritual life and provided numerous ideas on how to incorporate the Catholic lifestyle into my family. 

Truly Catholic. Charitable towards others of differing opinions. Depth of program subject matter. Quality production. Knowledgeable guests. 

If you understand that part of our mission at TR is undermining and exposing the Novus Ordo religion for the fraud that it is, you can imagine how gratifying it is to find out that people have left both their "parishes" and one of the Novus Ordo seminaries to embrace the true and integral Catholic Faith in part because of our work.  This vindicates all the personal and professional challenges we have to battle through to bring you Restoration Radio, and we are grateful for our member-supported (and as a result long-term financial viable) apostolate and ask for your continued prayers that it may succeed in its mission.  We are never satisfied and intend to continue to improve sound quality, upgrade user interface and experience, and innovate in show topics and content.

The winners of the Platinum Annual Memberships will be notified next week.  Season 4 ends after the 2nd Sunday of Advent.  Season 5 begins in 2016.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

“Is the Pope Catholic?”

That used to be a rhetorical question, much like “Is the sky blue?” or “Is grass green?” but ever since the Second Vatican Council wound up in 1965, it has been increasingly difficult for the faithful to discern the Catholicity of the Church hierarchy. Not to worry: our host and roving reporter Stephen Heiner has once again enlisted the help of Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada to unmask Conciliar duplicity, and to demonstrate the logical and uniquely tenable position of Sedevacantism in the face of the debacle that is Vatican II.

True Restoration Media has just released a DVD, Sedevacantism: A Primer (NTSC format, $29.99), which includes an excellent conference by Bp. Sanborn in December 2013 on “The Fundamental Principles and Common Objections”, and a more conversational video with Fr. Cekada from 2011 entitled “Sedevacantism: How to tell Aunt Helen”. I had to chuckle at the second video’s title, because I actually had an Aunt Helen, and she would have been in dire need of a DVD like this!

Imagine St. Thomas Aquinas sitting beside the few conservative Cardinals at the Council, aghast and beside himself with having to put up with all the Modernist gobbledygook that the Liberals were promulgating! That’s kind of the impression I got from Bp. Sanborn’s exposé. He dissects the main problems, leads us through to the choices we are faced with, and unerringly presents the only logical position. A perfect syllogism. He asks us if the religion (the ensemble of doctrines, disciplines and liturgical practices) of Vatican II is Roman Catholicism or not. His Excellency shows that ecumenism, religious liberty, a new conception of the Church, collegiality, and relativism of truth were the most objectionable doctrines that came from the Council, to the extent that the pre-1958 Church and the Church of today could hardly be recognized as the same religion. He demonstrates that it is impossible that the authority of the Catholic Church can promulgate false doctrine, evil discipline and false liturgical practices, and therefore if Vatican II represents a substantial change to the Catholic Faith, it cannot have come from the authority of the Church. Sedevacantism is the only logical conclusion.

Bp. Sanborn explores three positions of reaction to Vatican II, answers the seven main objections to the Sedevacantist position, and in the remaining 50 minutes takes questions from those attending the conference.

The video itself was shot in less than perfect conditions. Poor lighting made the image a bit grainy and also induced the photographer to periodically adjust the focus. Although His Excellency’s image was sometimes blurred, his train of thought was crystal clear, making this presentation a must-see.

Lean back in your La-Z-Boy with the second video by Fr. Cekada, as Stephen asks Father how he came to be a Sedevacantist. Here we have a personal journey which parallels that of many today, starting with a disenchantment with the new Mass and the blatant errors of doctrine, discipline and worship that came out of Vatican II. Although Fr. Cekada describes himself in the sixties as a neo-con, wanderer Catholic, he was all too ready to stick with the Pope with the assurance that everything would be all right. He came to realize, however, that the problem with Vatican II was not one of interpretation: it was everything! His search led him to the inevitable conclusion that the changes were evil, and since evil cannot come from the authority of the Church, therefore those in the Church hierarchy must not have the authority of the Church.

Fr. Cekada goes on to examine the arguments of the Recognize and Resist traditionalists, and shows how theirs is not a Catholic position. He notes that people don’t want to discuss the possibility of Sedevacantism, afraid of the consequences, looking over into the abyss. Traditionalists are already all Sedevacantists, except they haven’t figured it out yet, according to Father. People will have to do the hard work; look it up and investigate.

These are two very convincing video presentations, available for purchase on one DVD here.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Review: Consecration to Mary

A new writer joins TR this month.  This is his first post.

Since being canonized by Pius XII in 1947, Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort has been recognized almost universally as an unimpeachable teacher of Marian spirituality, and his writings have guided thousands to union with Jesus Christ through the auspices of His Blessed Mother. Few know, however, that this unofficial “Doctor of the Blessed Virgin Mary” was almost consigned to obscurity during the French Revolution. Fearing destruction by those hostile to the Church, his followers hid his works in trunks underground until conditions became favourable for their disclosure. Fortunately, manuscripts that had been buried were recovered in 1842, and have seen innumerable editions and translations since that time.

St. Louis-Marie is known primarily for True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (TD), and its summary, The Secret of Mary (SM). Other works such as Love of Eternal Wisdom (LEW), Friends of the Cross (FC), and The Admirable Secret of the Rosary (ASR) are less well known. In point of fact, it is LEW that is the synthesis of his doctrine and the key to unlocking the treasures of his thought. It discusses at length Jesus, Eternal Wisdom; and gives an excellent Gospel summary, highlights the importance of the Passion and the Cross, and reveals the four major ways leading to union with Our Saviour. It is Christocentric and incarnational, placing him solidly as the last great figure in the French School of spirituality, founded by Cardinal de Bérulle and further developed by Condren, Olier, Boudon, and St. Jean Eudes.

In TD, Montfort drew significantly on classical Marian authors as well as those in the French School. He details the importance of this devotion to Our Lord through His Blessed Mother, and indicates how to develop it. Curiously, there is no formula of consecration in TD, but only in LEW, although Montfort indicates how to prepare for the consecration in TD.

Montfort was unable to recommend his own works to those preparing for consecration, as they had not been published during his lifetime. He gives readings from Holy Scripture and the Imitation of Christ to aid retreatants during their thirty-three days of preparation.

Fr.Libietis has done his readers a great service in preparing Consecration to Mary by assembling the references recommended by Montfort, plus readings from TD, SM, LEW, FC, ASR in addition to other litanies, prayers and meditational materials in a single volume. There are guides to the meditations throughout the book, which are especially helpful to those not familiar with making a spiritual retreat in daily life. Readers will note that Fr. Libietis has extended the preparation to five weeks (35 days) to make the retreat period more manageable. This is an indispensable manual for those making the consecration for the first time, as well as those making its annual renewal. Instead of having to resort to flipping through several volumes to cover the exercises for a given day, the devotee has everything under one cover to really live this Holy Slavery of Love.

I feel the book could be improved by the addition of a table showing start dates relative to Marian feasts, for example to start on November 5th if you want to make your consecration on December 8th, and so on. Another improvement I would suggest would be the addition of a comprehensive index to quickly refer back to topics and helps for applying the consecration in daily life.

I have made use of several works in French and in English since 1998 on making the consecration, but in spite of their various strengths, all of them fell short of this volume by Fr. Libietis. It is a excellent digest of the writings of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort, and has been my guide and reference for over ten years to enhance my devotion to Our Blessed Mother.

True Restoration Press has obtained a limited number of copies of this book for the convenience of our customers, which may be ordered here.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Anti-Modernist Reader: book and radio show now available

If you are interested in buying this book, it's now available for sale to the public here.

The new radio show that will accompany this book is available here.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Right to Life," a phrase we should abandon

"That's the language of the revolution," I said calmly, putting my knife down.

"What are you talking about?" my would-be antagonist sputtered.

"That, using terms like 'rights.' That's the language of the French Revolution, the UN, and the EU. We don't have any 'rights' as Catholics or as humans. We have responsibilities. First, to God, then to our family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. There's no catechism that instructs me on any 'rights' I am born with as a Christian, pre or post Baptism."

And that's because once we accept that such a thing as "rights" exist, we are also pocket-conceding that such a thing can be given or taken away, by whatever authority recognizes (or doesn't) said rights.

Think about the sacred phrase used by all those millions who "march for life" annually in Washington D.C., oblivious to the fact that not only was their battle lost a long time ago, but by continuing to pursue a legislative path to a "fix" for abortion in America while using the language of "rights" the war was over before the first baby disappeared down a suction tube.

We have no "rights," not even a right to life. We were given an incredible gift by our Creator: life, beautiful life. We have a short time here on earth to give an account of how we have known, loved, and served him so we can be happy with him forever in heaven. That is hardly some "right" enumerated by the so-called philosophes. It's a grave responsibility.

When we stop using their language - when we start redefining the terms of our engagement to tell our story (like a Rosary procession, perhaps, instead of a "march") we might make some real progress. Until such time as we do, the March for Life, just like the Charlie Hebdo march in Paris, will remain an exercise in "feel-good" activism, the sort of sugary coat that will burn away at the first heat of trial.

Bishop Sanborn in London...again!

For those interested, His Excellency Bishop Donald Sanborn will again be in London this month to offer Mass as well as offer a conference on Baptism.  Details are provided on the website of the UK Tridentine Mass Society, sponsors of the event.

As mentioned previously, this is great news for UK Catholics, who previously only had Mass once a month, but will likely now have Mass twice a month.  Pray for the success of this new mission.

True Restoration will be on the ground at the event, hopefully providing photography and speaking to some of those attending who have recently come to sedevacantism.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

The finale of the 1000/100 Challenge

About 10 months ago, in March 2014, we launched the 1000/100 initiative.  We proposed to hit 1000 fans/followers/subscribers across each of the three major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as add 100 new members.  With about 60 days to go we are pleased to say that thanks to the guidance of Wendy Haught, our Social Media Manager, we have hit those goals across Facebook, Twitter, and are just about 50 subscribers away from hitting it on YouTube.  We have achieved our goal of adding at least 100 new members to our subscription services.  "Enter" by simply liking, following, and subscribing!

Remember that the prizes on offer are three Platinum Annual Memberships, and they are transferable so if you already have one you can gift one to a friend.  It's our way of giving back and saying thanks for helping us grow our presence online!

We have been "away" for a while but this doesn't mean we haven't been busy.  Fr. Cekada's crowdfunder is in its final days, and if you wanted our takes on modern dystopian films or Charlie Hebdo, we've included the links.  And in case you didn't know, we have a daily news feed called the Restoration Reader that features three articles worth reading almost every day.  Click on the three bars on the logo and you can sign up to get the articles delivered to your email every time we publish.

Finally, we hope you are enjoying Season 4 of Restoration Radio as much as we are enjoying producing it.  We haven't yet rolled out our full catalogue of new shows, but by Candlemas we will have.  As always, keep us in your prayers.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Apps and the Warehouse

We are still closed but we wanted to share an update.

So, these are by no means finished products, but they are getting there.  Please find our apps for iOS and Droid.  These apps will only function if you are a TR member and have a login.  Remember - we are gone during the next two weeks but if you have any bugs/issues with the apps simply email us with them and we will make sure they get fixed in the next version of the apps, due to drop at Candlemas.
We also needed to make sure that all of our copies of The Anti-Modernist Reader shipped before Christmas, as promised.  We feel certain that almost all of our clients will receive their copies before this Thursday.  You can see Stephen Heiner here above going into our warehouse to pitch in with packing and shipping to make sure everything went out on time.

Please be assured of our prayers for you and yours as we await the arrival of Our Blessed Lord.